Making Ideas Happen Since 2010

We are a company that builds systems covering people, process, and technologies while balancing the tri-factor of sustainability which are people, planet, and profits.

Strategists, Thinkers, Creators, Crafters, Growers, Educators

We are a bunch of people from diverse backgrounds and skillsets who love to dream, imagine, think, innovate, design, organize, implement and operate ecosystems

We are grounded on solving everyday problems

within the ecosystem that we focus and specialize on

About Us

Idea Company Sdn Bhd, founded in 2010, has a wide and strong network of valuable affiliates deeply experienced in the agricultural industry that covers the spectrum from upstream to downstream activities and operations. Its agriculture technology and food distribution ecosystem, JustGood Group, is central to a network of in-house smart farms (JustGood Roots) and partners (JustGood Farm) whose focus is on chemical pesticide-free and sustainable crop production, while integrating the use of technology alongside the vast skills and expertise of modern farmers for efficiency and expansion.

Traceability is one of the cornerstone principles in the group, permeating every step in the supply chain from farm to fork, through JustGood Grocer and JustGood Meals.

What We Do

We build systems (People, Processes, and Technologies) while providing sustainability (balancing the tri-factor of people, planet and profits)


Diverse Group with different backgrounds, skillsets, experiences .


Continued to be mapped out as we progress.


Continuously utilizing existing tools in the market as well as modifying and developing them.

We are innovative

We are always on the lookout for established, developed, or expanding industries to expand our ever-growing portfolio. We are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve or diversify existing ecosystems. Our guiding principle is to do things differently by demonstrating and guiding our partners rather than telling them based on case studies. From conception to execution, we create ecosystems and solutions that solve issues and improve processes.

Our mantra is not to delve into theoretical and academia aspects of business development. Instead, we demonstrate rather than tell. We let successful business models talk. We build ecosystems or innovate supply chains to solve problems and make things more efficient and effective.

We build and manage information systems

We build complete management information systems to drive growth and effectively manage the day-to-day operations of businesses. We gather and analyse data using our internal, specialised systems, giving businesses a distinct advantage by helping them better understand their competitive market and the customers they serve. More importantly, we create a system that can be replicated to manage people, processes, and technologies more efficiently.

We offer customised consultation servicess

We don't just create systems for ourselves; we also make them available to others so that they can improve on their productivity. We achieve this by offering customised solutions consultation. Our experienced team will demonstrate a ready, tried-and-tested system that’s being used in our business entities. Our specialisation and expertise in three ecosystems enable us to construct necessary integral components with better understanding.

We are a centralised service provider

Through the deployment of experts and relevant systems, we serve as a core service provider for all our ecosystems. We combine key corporate services that benefit businesses within the group for better efficiency. We also outsource business processes.

We seek to build successful business ecosystem portfolios "that challenge the existing status quo" in each area we are operating in.

Ideation and feasibility studies for building and launching start-ups / businesses.

Daily ops supports on corp services (eg. HR, accounts, procurement, supply chain and logistics, sales, marketing, customer service, intelligence & development). Business Decision Support system to help chart the business direction. Developing and growing businesses.

Execution of business operations to help achieve business goals.

Analysing various financial, operations and digital operational models.

At Idea company, we do things differently by showing and guiding partners how to do things rather than telling them based on desktop case studies and analysis. With our strong business and technical underpinnings and operational strength, we’re able to grasp problems as a whole and come up with comprehensive solutions.

-- Zachary Aman, Group Managing Director

What Sets Us Apart


Our people make all the difference. We are seriously passionate about what we do, and we bring any idea to life. No idea is too small or too big.


We take a hands-on approach – we guide and demonstrate as opposed to advising how to build, operate and excel in the ecosystem.


Our team consists of experts across categories; vertically through agriculture, distribution, logistics, supply chain, sales, marketing and merchandising so we can anticipate market demands and respond to meet and exceed expectations.

News & Announcement

Idea Company, MMU embark on smart farming partnership

KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah-based Idea Company Sdn Bhd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Multimedia University (MMU) to formalise a collaboration on a smart farming programme.

The programme involves utilising farming technology to produce better yields, whilst improving the quality of life for farmers.

In a statement, Idea Company managing director Zachary Aman said the MoU signifies a unique partnership between a private entity and a tertiary institution to produce the next generation of farms and farmers.  He said MMU was a strong and suitable partner for the company in their journey to further develop and strengthen the agricultural ecosystem.

Idea Company Sdn Bhd signs partner agreement with Hoogendoorn Growth Management for smart precision farming tech, boosting sustainable farming practices.

KOTA KINABALU: Idea Company Sdn Bhd today signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Hoogendoorn Growth Management, formalising a partnership agreement that will proliferate the use of smart precision farming technologies for more sustainable practices and approaches in the Malaysian agricultural sector.

The MoA signing between En Zachary Aman, Managing Director of Idea Company Sdn Bhd and Mr Wierd Vonk representing Hoogendoorn, was witnessed by YB Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries and Ms Eva Oskam, Deputy Ambassador and Head of Economic Section of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Malaysia.

Expert Advisors

We are assisted by a team of Expert Advisors, guiding the Group on knowhows, techniques, equipment, to produce the best for our customers


Dr. Scott Salzman

Environmental Econometrician

A faculty member at Deakin Business School, an applied statistician, environmental econometrician, numerical modeller, Dr. Scott Salzman’s diverse range of interests in disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields equip him with a unique capacity to assess research problems using a disciplined approach.


En Mahbob Bin Abdullah

Large-Scale Farm Expert

Having worked at various plantations in Malaysia and overseas, Mr Mahbob has a vastv experience in large plantation set ups and he is actively involved in various boards of Malaysia companies.


Pn Rokiah Don

Nutrition Specialist

Pn. Rokiah Don is a nutritionist, a council member of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia, and the former Director of Ministry of Health Malaysia. She offers thorough advise on all elements of nutrition and food to promote healthier eating.